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Random food preservation tip that I recently learned (and have more recently tested). 

To keep your carton of ice cream/frozen yogurt from forming ice crystals/freezer burn, after you open it, put an oversized piece of plastic wrap on top of the container, before you put the lid back on it.  I tested it, after 3 weeks, still perfect with the plastic wrap.  Without it, it only took 4 days for little crystally bits to start forming.

The more you know …


I need a NY address, so I can get these delivered to my door.

And if you’re looking for a #FF on Tumblr, this site, you get to drool over awesome ice cream flavor combos:



milkmade flavor of the day: Pop Tart Sandos
fresh strawberry ice cream with Strawberry Pop Tarts

These were on the Today Show this morning. Thanks to the brilliant Sarah Simmons at City Grit for providing us with the fresh Strawberry Pop Tarts. 


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