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I just heard a book commercial for a writer who is the “top name in Amish fiction.”  I had no idea that was such a competitive field.  Really, I had no idea that was a field.

I’m so annoyed.  I was planning on writing this evening, and then life got in the way, and seriously it is now 12:52 am, and I just opened my writing folder for the first time today.

This is why nothing gets done.

Hard to believe we’re coming up on the one year anniversary of the shooting. Still seems like somebody else’s life. Unfortunately it wasn’t. BUT, I’ve said before, we were very, very, VERY lucky, and my nephews are well, and that’s what matters. Though as my sister (their mother) writes here below, we are attempting to replace the dark feelings associated with that terrible day, with some positivity instead.  We here might be strangers in real life, but the struggle is the same all over.  Trying to make the world suck just a tiny bit less than it does.  So if you can join us next Thursday, specifically, in doing a little something nice for a fellow traveler on the big blue marble, we would appreciate it.  Thanks!


"Next Thursday, October 2nd, is the 1 year anniversary of the hardest day of our lives. This year we are commemorating the day by bringing a small token (baked goods) of thanks to everyone that helped to get us through that day to remain a complete family-the paramedics, the ER/trauma team, the surgeons and their teams, the ICU staff and the chaplains. 

Every year continuing forward we would like OCT. 2nd to be a Day of Kindness. Please try to do some small act of kindness for someone else. Small gift card for a meal, etc. for a homeless person, visit someone in a nursing home, compliment a stranger, smile and say hi to someone you don’t know, volunteer a little time, surprise someone with a baked treat, donate to your favorite charity. Whatever you can think of and do to make someone else’s day a little better. The world needs to be a nicer place and we would like to make our own little contribution. This will help replace the bad memories of OCT. 2, 2013 with good feelings.  

Thank you!”

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