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So the trial of the guy who shot my nephews’ last year was FINALLY supposed to start tomorrow, and today his public defender…broke his foot.  Apparently it’s impossible to practice law on crutches, because he’s filed for a 30-60 day extension of the trial date.  We’ll hear something in a month or so as to when the new date might be. 

October 3rd will be the one year anniversary of the shooting, and it seems unlikely the trial will be even have a new date by then. The one positive here, is that he is still in jail right now.  With the exception of those horrible few weeks last November, he’s actually been locked up since it happened, so that’s at least better than the situation could be.   But the anxiety of having this hanging there, really is not pleasant.

We really just want this done.

Love this.



"My brother went to college in America, and it was very hard for my parents to send him there. My father worked two jobs. I’d always hear him talking to my mother about money troubles. So when I graduated from high school, I went straight to work, to help pay for my brother’s school. I never resented it, because I knew he was more intelligent than me, and he deserved it. But now he has a great job in Australia, and I wish that I’d gone to college. But you know what? That same brother married into a family with two sisters. He married the older sister. And at the wedding, I met the younger sister, we danced, and now we are married. Her name means ‘angel,’ and she is my angel. And I tell her every day that she’s better than being a millionaire. So my brother got his job. And I got my wife." (Dhana, Jordan)



Sylvia is one of my favorite young women in STEM (or STEAM, as she likes to call it - adding ‘Art’ to the equation); she’s the host of a show called Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show! I first learned about her from her excellent exploration/tutorial on squishy circuits (I was a bit nervous about building my first circuit…) and now she’s bringing a cool painting robot to life through kickstarter. It’s like a CNC router, but instead paints what you draw on the computer with watercolors!

I really, really hope lots of young girls are seeing her videos on youtube and maybe making some of their own experiments at home or at school! She’s a great inspiration for makers of all shapes and sizes and skills!



I also seem to have broken my laptop. Which, given that’s where I do ALL my writing is very bad news for so many of us :) I stopped fussing w it because I’m a little buzzed off Sharknado cocktails and I’ll see what I can do w it in the am. Fortunately I can afford to buy another one but it takes like a day to install all your crap again. So, keeping a good thought I can fix the old one!

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